Integrated advanced metering solutions announced


MaingatePequot Lakes, MN and Lafayette, IN, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — October 25, 2006 – Hunt Technologies, a developer of AMI solutions, and Landis+Gyr Inc., a provider of meters and metering systems, have announced the commercial availability of the StatSignal FOCUS and StatSignal S4e endpoints. These endpoints provide integrated advanced metering solutions for both residential and polyphase deployments, compatible with the Hunt StatSignal two-way RF Mesh AMI System.

Seamlessly integrated communication modules enable the StatSignal RF Mesh AMI system to acquire data directly from the meter register on a predefined schedule and/or on-demand using the two way features of the system. The StatSignal FOCUS and S4e endpoints provide a remotely programmable and easily updateable solution that offers advanced features and supports two-way AMI system functionality.

“The advanced residential and commercial AMI-friendly Landis+Gyr meter platforms combined with the Hunt StatSignal System provide utilities with reliable and continuous access to data that they can utilize for billing, power quality monitoring, demand response, and outage management,” said Elden Grace, StatSignal System Marketing Manager for Hunt Technologies. “As a result, utilities receive fully automated, flexible, and scalable data access and control of the endpoints on their system.”

Landis+Gyr’s FOCUS meter delivers a unique single circuit board design, with fewer connectors and fewer parts, mounted at the front of the meter and allowing room for easy modular AMR/AMI board integration. “With its flexibility, accuracy and robust meter platform, the FOCUS meter is a proven choice for AMI integration,” said Lizardo Hernandez, Landis+Gyr FOCUS Product Manager.

Similarly, the S4e meter offers a number of features that support advanced commercial and industrial (C&I) metering and AMR/AMI applications. S4e meters include flash memory for firmware upgrades, an ANSI C12.19 standard protocol, transformer loss compensation option, on-board load profile option, wide-ranging dynamic voltage, Gyrbox self-diagnostics and compliance with the highest industry standards for accuracy. The S4e meter also provides a wide range of meter configurations, allowing a utility to custom build its S4e network, tailored to the exact specifications of its various applications from small C&I demand to substation metering.