Internet power sales The new pulse of power sales system development


With the development of mobile telephony, the Internet and ebusiness, the cooperative management system has turned into a new type of enterprise system with the Internet at its core. In the face of this major market opportunity and the new challenges that are opening up, Shenzhen Star Instrument Co., Ltd. has developed the Internet Prepayment Power-selling Management System (IPPMS).

This system provides convenience, speed and security for clients to purchase electricity and makes them aware of ‘One card in the hand, purchase power anywhere’, while at the same time providing comprehensive data analysis for the electricity supply authority.

The IPPMS is designed around the special characteristics of prepayment metering, and provides formidable Internetbased power selling and purchasing management functions. In addition to a variety of platform and system configurations, it also provides the standard client service terminal.

System diversification: Power sales function

huang qing table

In order to make the purchasing of power convenient for customers and to reduce the work of those selling the power, the system offers six sales options:

  • Sales via an ATM-type terminal
  • Sales on the Internet via PC
  • Sales on the Internet via PDA
  • Sales via a bank agent • Sales at a payment hall
  • Sales from an electricity supply authority office.

System editions

Dependent on the power sales schemes of the different electricity suppliers authorities, the system provides an electricity supply authority internal edition and a bank deputising edition.

Electricity supply authority internal edition

The electricity supply authority opens an internal capital account in the system for each customer. The customer needs an IC card to do transactions, including purchasing power and making enquiries. The customer has to credit the capital account before purchasing power and once this is done the amount of power corresponding to this balance is transferred to the purchase card.

The system allows for payment by the customer by ebanking on the Internet, by bank transfer, by a bank cheque, or by cash directly to the electricity supply authority.

Bank deputising edition

This system edition is linked to the bank that has been accredited by the electricity supply authority to sell power. As with the internal edition the consumer needs an IC card to do transactions, and the power sales centre of the electricity supply authority takes responsibility for the costs and the power sales control management function.

The bank deputising edition comprises two parts:

  • Power sales terminal, containing bank counter and ATM IC card read-write implements, etc. This provides for real-time monitoring and IC card reading and writing functions, as well as business information to the customer.
  • Power sales front machine, which is responsible for communications with the power sales terminal equipment and forwarding and receiving data to and from the bank mainframe and the electricity supply authority’s power sales centre server.

Basic system configuration

  • Client

Intel Pentium II processor or higher EMS memory 64 Mb or higher 10/100 Mb Ethernet card Microsoft Windows 98/2000/XP Chinese edition Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher Prepayment power sales terminal groupware.

  • Server

Intel Pentium 4 processor 3.0 or higher EMS memory 512 Mb or higher CD-ROM or DVD driver At least 30 Gb usable disk space 100 Mb or 1000 Mb Ethernet card Microsoft Windows NT 4 (Server Pack 6) or higher edition Microsoft IIS 5.0 or higher MS SQL Server 2000 or higher (used as database server).