Introducing Smart Grids West Coast


In 2008, the Smart Metering West Coast conference will include a separate dedicated track focusing on the evolution of the intelligent grid: Smart Grids West Coast, sponsored by Smart Grid News.

The benefits of an intelligent, self-healing grid are significant. This is reflected through the ability to anticipate blackouts and power disturbances, reducing the need for expensive peak power generation and infrastructure costs, and the capability to bring renewable resources online.

The combination of smart metering and the intelligent grid is transforming the energy landscape for utilities and their customers, with new ways of measuring and managing supply and use across the grid and into homes and businesses. These pioneering technologies will open the way for improved reliability and enhanced operational efficiency.

Meet with interstate stakeholders, national industry experts and local utilities at Smart Grids West Coast to debate the future of smart metering and the smart grid.

Smart Metering West Coast incorporating Smart Grids West Coast will take place from August 18–19, 2008 in Seattle, WA.

Topic highlights for Smart Grids West Coast 2008 will include:

  • Reviewing the policy, regulatory, technology and commercial drivers for the smart grid revolution
  • Reviewing smart grid technology options for improved energy efficiency
  • Investigating digital management capabilities for more economical grid operations
  • Assessing smart pricing options, and exploring the role of advanced metering in the evolution to an intelligent grid.

For more information or to submit your abstract, please contact Ryan Matthews: