Introduction of net metering a priority in Chile


Ricardo Raineri,
Minister of Energy,
Santiago de Chile — (METERING.COM) — May 31, 2010 – The introduction of net metering in Chile is one of the government’s priorities in the energy field, energy minister Ricardo Raineri has announced.

In an interview Raineri said within the next year the government hopes to have a bill that will support the development of smart networks on the electricity grid that will enable customers to provide energy to the system.

Likewise the government is also committed to supporting the use of solar and wind power so that customers are able to become generators of energy that are connected to the network, added Raineri.

In the same article Ramón Galaz, general manager of Valgesta Energía, was quoted as saying that this is a good initiative but it would present technological challenges with regard to the software to manage it and also that all the unidirectional meters currently installed in households would need to be changed or adapted.