Investigate the biggest AMI programs in the USA at the 10th Annual Metering, Billing/CIS America conference and exhibion


With so much importance around utility infrastructure development, not only in the United States but globally, it is essential to consider those maverick organizations taking the first technological steps forward. On the subject of AMI deployment, four American utilities immediately stand out. The 10th Annual Metering, Billing/CIS America conference will be bringing you their stories:  

Florida Power & Light

Having successfully tested an initial 50,000 new smart meters in early 2008, Florida Power & Light Company, which serves 4.5 million customer accounts in the state, recently began deploying a second 50,000 units to its customers in Broward County. The new smart meters will help customers monitor their electricity usage and increase FPL’s ability to identify and correct service issues once the system is fully activated this summer.

The first phase of the project, completed in January 2008, evaluated the reliability and functionality of 50,000 new meters and associated network technology. The system was tested against extensive performance criteria, all of which were met or exceeded. The second phase will assess business and customer benefits, and include expanded system performance testing. Based on the results of this evaluation, FPL hopes to begin full-scale deployment to all residential and small business customers.

Hear from the following Florida Power & Light Speakers:

Monday March 23, 1:30 pm: Bryan Olnick, AMI Project Director*
Wednesday March 25, 10:00 am: Scott Blackburn, AMI Business Manager

Pacific Gas & Electric

Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) began billing a portion of its customers using AMI data that has been consolidated, validated, estimated, edited and presented to PG&E’s customer information system. PG&E plans to automate all 10.3+ million meters in its service territory by end of 2011 as part of its SmartMeter™ program.

As PG&E progresses through the rollout of its SmartMeter program, interval meter reading data will enable advanced applications such as time-of-use billing, demand response forecasting, and more efficient outage management.

Hear from the following Pacific Gas & Electric Speakers:

Monday March 23, 4:00 pm: Bruce Agid, Senior Manager, SmartMeter Benefits Realization and Business Integration
Tuesday March 24, 10:00 am: Jana Corey, Director, AMI Initiatives
Tuesday March 24, 12:00 pm: Dan Partridge, Manager, SmartMeter Upgrade Engineering

San Diego Gas & Electric

San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) will replace 1.4 million electric meters and retrofit 900,000 gas meters at a cost of about $572 million. AMI technology will allow SDG&E to develop a system capable of collecting and storing data from meters on an hourly basis. SDG&E customers will have improved services to manage their energy usage, aid in outage restoration, and provide pricing information and energy usage efficiency once time-of-use rates and critical pricing rates are implemented.

Hear from the following San Diego Gas & Electric Speakers:

Monday March 23, 2:30 pm: Ted Reguly, Director, AMI Program Office
Tuesday March 24, 11:30 am: Terry Mohn, Technology Strategist

Southern California Edison

In 2005, Southern California Edison (SCE) began the application process with the California Public Utilities Commission for its smart metering program and in the summer of 2007, SCE submitted an application to allow authorization of $1.63 billion from ratepayers to fund the third and final execution phase of the program. SCE will install 5.3 million new “smart” meters for its residential and small-business customers from 2009 until 2012.
Edison SmartConnect is part of SCE’s industry-leading efforts to introduce advanced smart grid digital technologies into transmission and distribution electrical systems. The smart grid provides customers more reliable, cost-effective, environmentally responsible power, and Edison SmartConnect enables them to make the smartest energy choices, and connect with the next generation of communicating appliances, thermostats, and plug-in vehicles.

Hear from the following Southern California Edison speakers:

Monday March 23, 2:30 pm: Jim Cherrie, Director, Edison SmartConnect Deployment
Wednesday March 25, 12:00 pm: James McGrath, Senior Project Manager

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