Itron Releases Version 7.0 of its Industry-Leading Itron Enterprise Editionâ„¢ Software


LIBERTY LAKE, Wash. — July 16, 2009 — Itron Inc. (NASDAQ: ITRI) announced today the latest release of its integrated data management and analysis platform, Itron Enterprise Edition (IEE) v7.0.

IEE v7.0 includes many new features to support advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) business processes and help utilities realize the full benefits of their smart grid deployments. With special consideration given to the scalability and performance requirements required for large-scale deployments, IEE v7.0 is well-positioned to enable successful AMI installments for existing and new customers.

“Utilities worldwide embrace our IEE solution as the premier platform for managing the collection, storage, delivery and application of meter data across the enterprise,” said Julie Hance, vice president of software solutions for Itron. “This release is a reflection of our responsiveness to the needs of those customers and the rapidly changing landscape they face.”

The flagship solution in the IEE Suite, IEE Meter Data Management (MDM), includes a host of new features and functionality including an enhanced billing determinant calculation process for high volume interval data-based billing, an expanded set of web services that support two-way AMI communications, and new AMI operator dashboards. IEE MDM expands its out-of-the-box integration with OpenWay® , Itron’s smart metering solution, enabling additional end-to-end processes while reducing total integration cost and deployment risk. IEE v7.0 provides a wide-range of demand response capabilities while still supporting utility-specific time-of use, critical-peak and peak-time rebate programs. Additionally, the platform’s service-oriented architecture continues to mature in technology, governance, security, performance and design.

IEE v7.0 also includes significant enhancements to IEE Mass Market Customer Care and IEE Revenue Protection (IEE RPS), two products in the IEE family that complement IEE MDM while leveraging customer usage data.

IEE Mass Market Customer Care is a Web-based customer solution for utilities, providing user-friendly self-service capabilities to residential and small commercial customers, and providing a web-based portal for utility customer service representatives (CSR). CSRs can now initiate real-time commands, leveraging the AMI/smart grid network to eliminate field work, and provide optimal customer service. Customers’ usage and cost reports are enhanced to provide greater configurability and usability, simplifying the complexities of demand response programs such as critical-peak pricing and peak-time rebates.

IEE RPS expands its capabilities in revenue assurance with an enriched user interface, supporting drill down analytics of usage patterns across a variety of time periods, and contrasting usage patterns against relevant field events. Account and meter status tracking is expanded to support additional meter tamper events and filtering capabilities.

Itron leads the marketplace in terms of share for meter data management deployments, with more than 50 licensed IEE MDM customers—and nearly 40 million meters won—worldwide.

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