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Association News – IURPA – truly an International organisation

As the year 2002 fades into the sunset and 2003 looms on the horizon, IURPA and its associates have much to reflect on as we look forward to the New Year. IURPA has matured and is rapidly becoming truly an international organisation reaching energy related companies on every continent. In recent years, IURPA representatives have been invited to present papers at conferences throughout the world. Thanks to a symbiotic relationship with Smart Energy International, IURPA representatives presented papers on energy theft in South Africa, Ghana West Africa, United Kingdom, Metering Europe and Asia and most recently visited Beijing, China.

Plans are being made to present papers at the Australia Utilities Revenue Protection Association’s annual conference in Sydney, February 18-20, 2003. IURPA’s UK liaison, Alan Dick and his colleague Dick Macey will present papers in Australia, teaming up with an IURPA representative from the United States. IURPA’s international liaisons are Alan Dick of the United Kingdom, Luiz Fernando Arruda of South America, Mark Mendel of the Caribbean, Deon Louw of South Africa, Ray Mullins of Australia and several active members from India as well. These distinguished inter-national board members are actively involved with IURPA by keeping our members current on international revenue protection affairs. We are rapidly growing, and members from diverse countries have inquired about international board member status.

IURPA has experienced an increased interest in revenue protection issues from developing countries this past year. As metering needs expand and saturate developing countries’ markets, the need for new technology to combat energy theft also grows. IURPA is exploring the possibility of creating relationships with such countries as Indonesia, Viet Nam, Malaysia, Singapore and China.

On behalf of the IURPA officers, Chairman George Balsamo of United Illuminating Co., Vice Chairman Kurt Roussell of Wisconsin Electric Power Co., Secretary Kent Manning of Southern California Edison and Treasurer Tim Hopper of Commonwealth Edison Company, I would like to thank the IURPA vendors, Smart Energy International and the entire membership for their support throughout the year. We wish the entire readership of Smart Energy International a safe, healthy and prosperous New Year!

If you wish to know more about IURPA or become a member, the web address is: http://www.iurpa.org

"Energy theft prevented, detected and corrected today will generate revenue for tomorrow."

Cleve L. Freeman Jr.
Southern California Gas Company of Sempra Utilities