Jamaica Public Service ordered to discontinue extension of billing periods


Clive Mullings,
Energy Minister
Kingston, Jamaica — (METERING.COM) — September 22, 2008 – Jamaica Public Service (JPS) Company has been directed by minister of energy, Clive Mullings, to discontinue the extension of any billing period for customers beyond the 30 or 31 days authorized by its licence.

“Customers who have been wrongfully billed in this manner, are to have their next bills adjusted to ensure that the billing period taken over two months does not exceed 60 days,” said Mullings.

At the same time Jamaica’s Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) has barred JPS – up to the end of 2008 – from disconnecting the services of any of the 50,000 customers who received bills for July/August 2008 with a billing period in excess of 35 days. These customers were advised that they should make their usual monthly payments on the appropriate due date. Some of the customers were allegedly disconnected for having an outstanding balance, despite an earlier Directive to JPS that they should not be.

In his comments to the House of Representatives minister Mullings said that JPS would implement smart meters for residential customers, as soon as the roll-out for large customers is completed.

He also informed that prepaid bills will be done for residential customers starting with a pilot project in one community, and that random testing of meters in the field would be undertaken.