JPS reduces system losses by reducing energy theft


Damian Obiglio,
President & CEO,
Kingston, Jamaica — (METERING.COM) — February 19, 2008 – The Jamaica Public Service Company reduced system losses by over 1 percent in 2007, thanks mainly to the implementation of measures to prevent tampering and theft of electricity. This is the first time the utility has achieved a reduction in losses in six years.

The measures have included the detection and removal of illegal connections and the deployment of anti-theft technology. JPS will continue its drive to prevent energy theft in 2008, and believes its planned installation of smart meters will significantly aid it in its endeavors. Daily meter reads will allow utility personnel to identify abnormal usage patterns and investigate the situation. Energy-balancing meters, which are more resistant to tampering, have also bee introduced.

JPS’ president and CEO Damian Obiglio has warned thieves that steps are in place to identify and apprehend them. He says that all large accounts have been classified, and that the utility employs personnel whose only role is to compare the consumption of different customers and identify anomalies.

In just a few weeks at the beginning of the year JPS removed 3,345 illegal connections and recovered over 500,000 kilowatt hours in unpaid-for consumption.