Kaifa Donates 220,000 Yuan to Flooded Area


Typhoon ¡°Bilis¡± on July 14th brought huge rain and caused the most serious floods in history to part of Guangdong Province, resulting in great difficulties in the life and work for the flooded population. The suffering of the disaster area touched Kaifa members. On the afternoon of July 28th, Vice-president Chen Zhujiang donated 220,000 Yuan to the disaster area at the Disaster Relief Fund Raising Ceremony for Member Enterprises of Shenzhen Associate of Enterprises with Foreign Investments on behalf of Kaifa. Mr. Xu Zongheng, Mayor of Shenzhen, accepted the check on behalf of the Fund. A group photos were taken to mark the event.

Mr. Chen Yingchun, Vice Mayor of Shenzhen, entrusted by Mayor Xu Zongheng, spoke at the meeting on behalf of the CPC committee and the government of Shenzhen City. He expressed his appreciation to Kaifa and other enterprises for their contributions to the disaster area. According to Mr. Chen, charity is one of the traditional virtues of China. The foreign investment background of those participating in this donation has added a sense of international assistance to this relief fund raising activity. Their participation has shown that the enterprises with foreign investment in Shenzhen have been well rewarded. It also shows that their good will in contribution to society in return.

It is learned that as a state-owned giant listed high-tech company with a background of joint investment, Kaifa is well aware of its social responsibilities and takes it an obligation of an enterprise citizen to reward society. In recent years, Kaifa has contributed an accumulation of 1.75 million Yuan to social welfare by means of supporting disaster relief fund raising and launching serial commonweal activities. By so doing, Kaifa has contributed its share as a Shenzhen enterprise to the construction of a harmonious society.