Kaifa Ranked among Top 100 of China’s Listed Enterprises


Shanghai Securities News Reports on Rankings of Listed Enterprises

Shanghai Stock Exchange announced the Top 100 Listed Enterprises of China, which includes Shenzhen Kaia Technology Co., Ltd. (000021 SZ) as the 84th on the list, with a total business income of 8.06 billion yuan in 2005.

The Top 100 Listed Enterprises were selected from 1361 enterprises listed at Shanghai and Shenzhen Exchanges in accordance with the income of their major businesses.

It is reported that the ranking list was published by Shanghai Securities Exchange and the indexes of the Top 100, including the weighted earning per share, net assets value per share, operational cash flow per share and return on equity, are above the average level of all the listed enterprises. The weighted earning per share was 0.4041 yuan, 1.87 times the average market level; the weighted average return on equity was 13.4476, 1.68 times the average market level; the weighted average operational cash flow was 0.9105 yuan, 1.48 times the average market level; and the weighted average net assets value per share was 3.0048, 1.11 times the average market level.