Korea Telecom to pilot Altair’s chipset for smart meter connectivity

smart meter connectivity
KT solutions has selected Altair Semiconductor’s FourGee-1160 Category 1 (CAT-1) chipset to allow ultra-low power LTE connectivity of IoT devices such as smart meters

In South Korea-Israel deal news, Korea Telecom (KT) has commissioned chipset company Altair Semiconductor to supply a solution for ultra-low power LTE connectivity of smart meters, GPS tracking systems and power save mode use cases.

The pilot project will allow Altair to test the functionalities of its FourGee-1160 Category 1 (CAT-1) chipset before commercialising the technology, said Byungkyun Kim, vice president of Device Business Unit at KT.

The demonstration project comes at a time when Altair’s Four-Gee-1160 CAT-1 – which comprises a power management unit and flexible application layer with hardware-based security – has been adopted by a number of M2M and device makers and is awaiting shipment for commercialisation by the end of 2015.

In a press statement, Altair Semiconductor claimed FourGee-1160’s ultra-low power consumption operation provides smart gas and water meters with a 10-year battery life span.

Smart meter connectivity in Asia

The news follows mid November’s launch of two new sub-gigahertz band wireless communication solutions for smart meters and Home Energy Management System (HEMS) devices, compliant with WI-SUN standard networks by Japanese semiconductor manufacturer Renesas.

Metering & Smart Energy International reported that at the core of these solutions is the RAA604S00 wireless communications System on Chip (SoC) which offers a dual-address filtering function for simplified communication control of smart meters, HEMS and other devices on a single chip.

The IoT connectivity solution is reported to be the world’s first to be adopted as a certification device for testing Home Area Network (HAN) devices inter-connectivity under the Wi-SUN standard.

Renesas says that the solution also allows inter-connectivity with third-party devices to simplify the process of certifying user goods, thereby shortening the development time and allowing stable communication.

The development follows Renesas’ work to expand its lineup of short-range wireless communication solutions with support for technologies such as Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE).

In April, the semiconductor company announced the certification of the second generation of its OFDM power line modem for worldwide frequency bands.