Lan 78Q8392L


End of Life – Contact Factory

General Description

The 78Q8392L Ethernet Transceiver is a low power BiCMOS coax line transmitter/receiver for 10Base2/5 interfaces. The device includes analog transmit and receive buffers, a 10 MHz on-board oscillator, timing logic for jabber and heartbeat functions, output drivers and bandgap reference, in addition to a current reference and collision detector.

This transceiver provides the interface between the single-ended coaxial cable signals and the Manchester-encoded differential logic signals. Primary functional blocks include the receiver, transmitter, collision detection and jabber timer. This IC may be used in either internal or external MAU environments.

The 78Q8392L is available in 16-pin plastic and 28-pin PLCC packages.


  • Very low power consumption
  • Compliant with Ethernet II, IEEE 802.3 10Base5 and 10Base2
  • Integrates all transceiver functions except signal and power isolation
  • Innovative design minimizes external component count and power consumption
  • Jabber timer function integrated on chip
  • Externally selectable CED heartbeat allows operation with IEEE 802.3 compatible repeaters
  • Squelch circuitry at all inputs rejects noise
  • Power-on reset and test modes
  • Advanced BiCMOS process
  • Package: 16-Pin DIP, 28-Pin PLCC