Leading Utilities Improve Customer Service, Enhance Reporting Capabilities and Streamline Billing Processes with Oracle


Redwood Shores, Calif. – January 14, 2009 – More than 40 leading utilities have recently implemented or selected Oracle Utilities software to help meet ever-evolving customer needs, streamline billing processes, accelerate revenue collection, enhance operational efficiency and deliver on commitments to environmental sustainability.  The Oracle Utilities suite provides industry-leading applications for customer care and billing, mobile workforce management, outage and distribution, work and asset management and meter data management.

Metro Water Services, a branch of Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County that supplies drinking water to more than 171,000 residential and business customers, deployed Oracle Utilities Mobile Workforce Management to its Systems Services Division.  The application allows Metro Water Services to automate mobile workforce management processes – ultimately eliminating the need for paperwork orders and improving productivity.  With Oracle Utilities Mobile Workforce Management, Metro Water Services’ technicians can report completed work order information instantly, eliminating a previous two- to three-day delay.  Metro Water Services can also use the application’s GPS-based automatic vehicle location feature to give dispatchers and call-center personnel the ability to monitor crew locations in real time.  This helps improve route management and service response times and also allows the utility to monitor schedule changes and route deviations, and respond more quickly to emergencies.  

Metro Water Services plans to extend the Oracle solution to its Customer Services Division after the integration of its customer information system (CIS).  This integration will help the utility enhance field technician performance standards by allowing it to analyze work-order specifics that include the amount of time spent on a call and time en route.  It will also provide the ability to deliver appointment booking to customers, which will improve customer satisfaction.

Utilities, Inc. (UI), a national water and wastewater service corporation, implemented Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing to replace its current billing system and integrate customer service, field-service orders and billing within one system.  The application has allowed UI to provide more precise bills that enable customers to see various bill components and how they are calculated.  UI also leverages Oracle to automate and accelerate the service-order process – eliminating the need for customers to print and fax orders.  UI also implemented Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Supply Chain Management (Procurement) and JD Edwards Human Capital Management including Position Control and Workforce Management to streamline its purchase-order system – from invoice reception to approval to accounting – and automate timesheet processing.

San Jose Water Company (SJW), which serves more than one million people in the greater San Jose, Calif. metropolitan area, selected Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing, Oracle Utilities Mobile Workforce Management and Oracle Utilities Business Intelligence to replace its CIS package and better support the delivery of exceptional service to customers throughout Silicon Valley.  SJW carefully evaluated five solutions and chose Oracle because Oracle’s software and strategies are the best fit for SJW’s current and future business needs.  Out-of-the-box integration among the new applications, as well as with SJW’s existing Oracle Utilities Work and Asset Management application, differentiated Oracle from any other potential solution.  Also, Oracle Consulting will team with SJW to capitalize on SJW’s existing package configuration to enable a rapid implementation.  San Jose Water Company is a subsidiary of SJW Corp. (NYSE: SJW), a holding company with water, wastewater and recycled water operations in Silicon Valley and Canyon Lake, Tex.   SJW is known for its innovative use of technology and very efficient operations.   

Other leading utilities that recently selected or implemented Oracle Utilities software include Aboitiz Power Corporation, Duquesne Power and Light, Energia (Viridian Group), Energias de Portugal, Enersource, Greystone Power Corporation, Montana Dakota Utilities Co., Seminole Electric Cooperative, SUI Northern, Toronto Hydro and Western Power Networks.  

“Utilities worldwide continue to turn to Oracle, further validating Oracle’s strength as a provider of end-to-end solutions that support mission critical utilities processes.  We are committed to providing world-class applications and infrastructure software that offer valuable business insight and empower utilities to respond to the industry’s unique business drivers – allowing them to improve customer service, enhance efficiency and delivery on commitments to environmental sustainability,” said Quentin Grady, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Utilities.

“Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing delivers the insight we need to further enhance Utilities, Inc.’s customer focus and improve the customer experience overall,” said Larry Schumacher, president and chief executive officer, Utilities, Inc.  

“To serve our demanding Silicon Valley customers, we must deliver exceptional customer service while continually advancing operational efficiencies to keep costs down.  After careful evaluation, SJW’s team chose Oracle to help improve productivity and enhance customer service,” said Dana Drysdale, vice president and chief information officer, San Jose Water Company.