Liberty 3E


"The first pay-as-you-go meter to offer independent control of water and space heating"

Liberty 3E has been designed to provide innovative load control.  The meter can be supplied with an additional load control switch to control the entire off-peak load or with two additional switches to give independent control of water and space heating.  Controlled internally by time or tariff or externally by time control devices such as timeswitches or radio teleswitches, Liberty 3E gives utilities truly flexible control over customers’ off-peak loads.

Customers, too, can benefit as the meter can be programmed to provide a manual "Boost" option allowing customers the option to heat their water, or recharge their heating if desired, according to the tariff offered by the energy supplier.

All of Liberty’s standard functionality is supported in this meter along with additional options such as element by element running costs.

Totally supported by the Liberty Client vending software, many of 3E’s functions are fully programmable including the ability to switch between internal or external switch control via additional numeric codes appended to a customer’s cash transaction.

Liberty 3E