Liberty IQ


"The low cost, intelligent pay-as-you-go gas solution"

Liberty IQ has been designed to provide gas markets with a cost-effective online "pay-as-you-go" system that requires no expensive tokens or costly infrastruture.

A CALMU based dispensing terminal IQ has been designed for UK and international markets.  Its simple concept removes most of the costs (both consumable and infrastructure) associated with traditional pre payment metering systems.  The core CALMU technology offers multi rate capability and ensures that both utilities and consumers benefit from it’s configurable and programmable features.

The online vending and data management infrastructure is designed to provide an integrated solution allowing utilities to offer multiple modes of vending to their customers via "virtual" numeric codes dispensed not only from traditional vending outlets such as shops and petrol stations but also via telephones, the Internet and WAP/SMS mobile phones.

Many of IQ’s features and functions are fully programmable via additional numeric codes appended to customer’s cash transactions which are entered by customers at the same time as their cash vend thus obviating the need for costly site visits.

IQ’s programmable, easy-to-read LCD display provides access to a variety of information for both the consumer and the utility:

 – Days before disconnection
 – Daily, weekly and monthly cost information
 – Unit rate consumption and costs
 – Low Credit and Zero Credit Alarms

This, in conjunction with IQ’s non-disconnection (Friendly Credit) regime, make the meter more socially acceptable than any of its counterparts.

Liberty IQ