Liberty Meters


Liberty Single phase electricity meters with remote keypad and display for prepayment and credit applications.

Liberty is the ideal solution for:

Consumers who reside outside a utilities distribution network.
Consumers who want to conveniently "pay as they go" for their consumption.
Properties where meter reading access is a problem.

Consumers with no credit history.
Consumers who have difficulty paying their utility bill.
Liberty meters are a CALMU based prepayment meter which has been designed for both UK and International markets. Its simple concept removes most of the costs (both consumable and infrastructure) associated with traditional prepayment metering systems. The core CALMUTM technology ensures that both utilities and consumers benefit from its configurable and programmable features.

Liberty’s programmable, easy-to-read LCD display provides access to a variety of information for both consumers and utilities.

All of Liberty’s features and functions are fully programmable via numeric sequences called
"Customer Vend Codes" (CVC) which are entered by consumers at the same time as credit transfers. Comprehensive security features ensure that a dispensed number is valid for one transaction only and cannot be used on any other meter.

Liberty Meter