Lightchek is purpose-designed equipment for monitoring and controlling street lights. Responsibility for street lighting often sits between two different government departments, resulting in commercial matters having a low priority, moreover the switching system is often poorly maintained and managed, leading to large scale wastage of electricity.

Lightchek provides the electricity utility with the tool to both monitor and control energy usage by combining commercial standard energy metering with flexible switching capability.

Lightchek provides flexible time selection from predefined tables. Seasonal variations can also be set up in the table definition. The system helps utilities monitor power quality, particularly the power factor. Street lighting usually an inductive load to the supply system. This can lead to the contracted load being exceeded, which can in turn cause problems to the supply system. Lightchek is provided with a capacitor to compensate for the inductive load, thereby restoring system balance and reducing stress.

Lightchek is provided in a metallic enclosure complete with protection and compensation accessories to ensure reliable operation.

The Lightchek offers:

  • Time-based automatic control using real time clock
  • Different switching times in different seasons
  • Bistable switching rather than MCB
  • Accuracy meets international metering standards
  • Type tested equipment for metering on street light
  • Overload tripping control
Secure meter Lightchek