Lilongwe Water Board Becomes First Utility in Africa to Go Live with HiAffinity


Johannesburg, South Africa – DST International (DSTi) – the leading provider of innovative customer management and open billing solutions to the utility industry announced today that Lilongwe Water Board (LWB), Malawi, has gone live with HiAffinity. HiAffinity has been installed at internationally renowned companies in the USA, Europe, South America and Australia. LWB has the distinction as the first site to go live in production in Africa.  

LWB, in compliance with their Public Procurement Act, floated tenders internationally for the supply and installation of a new billing package with HiAffinity emerging the winner.  
Mr Richard Milanzi, Chairman of the Project Management committee, and a team from LWB, visited the live HiAffinity sites in the UK. Mr Milanzi said “The visit to these sites is confirmation that we have selected the right product.  HiAffinity is proven to deliver significant benefits to existing users, including optimized billing for different types of products and services, and an increased efficiency in cash collection. Our customers in Lilongwe are going to benefit from improved quality of customer service without any increased cost implications”

Marisa Bellini, Director of DSTi South Africa said, “HiAffinity provides the functionality to manage the full utility processing cycle, from handling customer queries to revenue collection.  The system is flexible and robust and will allow LWB to improve their billing process and thereby increase their overall efficiency.”

Mr Milanzi said, “The initial phase of the project was to convert to HiAffinity from the Tetra system.  Once that has been achieved, we will then look at other offerings within the HiAffinity suite of products.  These include the Business Rules Engine, the Executive Reporting Module and integration to DSTi’s business process management solution, AWD.”

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About Lilongwe Water Board
Lilongwe Water Board is wholly owned by the Government of Malawi. It provides drinking and industrial water for the Lilongwe region (city) and has 20 508 (over 26,000) connections, serving a population of 597,619 (about 600,000 but goes up to 900,000 during day because of people from rural areas who work in the city.