Lock Head Protectors


INNER-TITE offers a selection of Lock Head Protectors that provide additonal protection against tampering and damage to the lock head. Made of heavy duty carbon steel, the Lock Head Protectors can be used with a number of locking devices including the Hasp Locking Device and the 90° Bracket Lock.

Features & Benefits

  • Heavy duty construction
  • Easy to use
  • Protects barrel lock heads
  • Requires 7/8" diameter hole Use the INNER-TITE Punching Tool and Modified Greenlee Punch to make the proper hole for the Lock Head Protectors.

Lock Head Protector Styles 

  • E-0090 Lock Head Protector
  • E-0090A Lock Head Protector with Metal Sealing Ferrule
  • E-0192C Lock Head Protector with Heavy Duty Steel Sealing Ferrule (fits competitors’ product)