LODESTAR Meter Data Management Solutions


LODESTAR is now offering an even more robust solution for meter data management. The revised LODESTAR Meter Data Management (MDM) solution offers energy providers improved functionality for handling large volumes of meter data to enable increased accuracy, flexibility and scalability. LODESTAR’s MDM solution is designed for the highest levels of automation to improve current operations and to be flexible and scalable to meet your current and future needs.


  • Standard import file formats including .lse and .mv9
  • Sophisticated file mapping functionality for other inbound files including delimited, XML and .xls file formats
  • Automated processes for validating, estimating or otherwise correcting invalid data
  • Feature rich graphical analysis tools for comparing the raw data to system edited data, and for allowing and tracking any manual users changes
  • Integrated exceptions management for more efficient work management
  • Flexible rules-based engine for applying rules to prepare data for other uses like billing and settlement
  • Maintain all historical versions of meter reads and audit trails on any user edits
  • Meter inventory management capability for managing meter returns, exchanges and other physical inventory functions
  • Additional products available for transaction management capabilities to handle inbound and outbound data flows that require automated responses
  • Additional products are available for pricing, billing, settlement, forecasting and other solutions that use the same underlying data model and rules engine enabling you to realize synergies across your business