LODESTAR Transaction Management Hub manages business transactions among operating organizations and their market participants. LTMH is used by Independent System Operators, Transmission and Distribution Companies, Commodity Wholesalers and Retailers.


  • Quick Implementation: Reduce market entry time and lower implementation costs by providing powerful configuration tools to reduce setup, integration and maintenance costs.
  • Flexible and Configurable: Provide flexible and configurable data translation, manipulation, validation and process business rules specific to each transaction, trading partner and jurisdiction.
  • Validation: The ability to check and enforce the format and content of transactions before delivery to either internal systems or external trading partners.
  • Process Management: Manage transactions in context of an overall business process.
  • Exceptions: Manage exceptions via work queues.
  • Seamless Integration: Seamless integration with LODESTAR Data Repository and Customer Choice Suite.
  • Operational Costs: Lower operational costs by allowing users to view transactions, processes and exceptions.
  • Compliance: Ensure compliance with both market rules and internal processes.
  • Transaction Quality: Improve customer service and financial results – via timely and accurate transactions.

Supported Product: LODESTAR offers product maintenance and customer support for LTMH, unlike custom consulting solutions offered by other vendors.