Low cost connector standard


A group of utility industry leaders representing utilities and manufacturers formed the U-SNAP Alliance to create a low cost connector standard to enable consumer products to communicate with any vendor’s smart meter. “This is the equivalent of USB for consumer products,” said Barry Haaser of the USNAP Alliance.

“This important industry standard allows utilities to continue smart meter deployments, while enabling a new generation of products to connect to smart meters by simply inserting a U-SNAP card into the product.” “The U-SNAP standard will free manufacturers from having to create derivatives of standard products in order to support the various communication protocols used in utility smart meter deployments,” said Jon Rappaport of Sensus Metering Systems.

“The standard will allow utilities to select the smart meter that best fits its metering requirements and also have confidence that that same meter, with a code download, can meet its future needs. Consumers will be able to purchase a new generation of energy aware products that can react automatically to changes in electricity prices and availability, allowing them to use energy more efficiently.”

The U-SNAP Alliance is accepting members interested in developing or supporting the U-SNAP standard.