Low cost SMS-based AMR for volume consumption


Radio-Tech’s new RTLog is a competitively priced battery powered 4 channel meter reading data logger with an in-built SMS text engine, designed for high value metering applications. Serving irrigation installations, bulk water distribution, industrial and agricultural process monitoring and grey water metering, the RTLog provides accurate and frequent consumption data for these critical monitoring points.

The logger is housed in a die cast enclosure, and accumulates the consumption from each channel on a 24/7 basis, storing the totals in six-digit registers. It also has the added benefit of recording peak and lowest flow for each channel over a nominal moveable one hour window. For close process monitoring applications 15 minute totals can be logged and encapsulated into two daily text messages per channel used.

The data is delivered using the cost-effective SMS text network. The message contains the logger’s unique 16 digit ASCII name, permitting numerous RTLogs to be deployed and report via a single SMS gateway located at the receiving station.

Although in its most popular mode of operation the RTLog interfaces with pulse output meters, the unit can also read Flag meters with IR data ports, Sensus meters with inductive read ports and various meter encoder heads with forward and reverse flow or simple reed switch assemblies.