LUCELEC to deploy AMI


Castries, St Lucia — (METERING.COM) — May 7, 2009 – St Lucia Electricity Services Limited (LUCELEC) is to deploy Elster’s EnergyAxis® smart metering system in what is the system’s first full-scale deployment in the Caribbean.

LUCELEC selected the system based on its wireless and networking mesh communications and its ability to increase operational efficiencies, augment conservation initiatives and improve outage response times through enhanced monitoring capabilities. LUCELEC will also enhance customer service capability and operational efficiencies through the EnergyAxis remote disconnect and reconnect functionality.

St Lucia has one power generation station and seven substations that service the entire island and 56,000 customers. The 238 square mile island includes a mix of terrain, including high mountains, dense forests, low-lying lands, and beaches, creating a challenging environment for wireless technology. To ensure the EnergyAxis system would provide robust connectivity in all areas of its service territory, LUCELEC deployed a 200 meter pilot, which proved a success with all meters communicating reliably on a regular basis to the company’s operations.

“LUCELEC’s objectives with the AMI deployment are to reduce meter reading costs and increase operational efficiency. This includes reducing system losses and improving our customer service,” said Gilroy Pultie, LUCELEC’s manager of transmission and distribution. “The EnergyAxis System is flexible and has proven to be reliable and easy to expand in our island’s difficult terrain and it supports our modernization objectives and focus on the future.”

“Elster is delighted that LUCELEC has selected its proven smart metering technology and is pleased to be a part of LUCELEC’s goal to be a world-class energy utility and a catalyst and leader for social and economic development in St. Lucia,” added Fabio Dominguez, Elster’s vice president of Latin America and the Caribbean market.