LXSZ Series plastic valve-controlled wireless smart water meter


Minsen wireless smart water meter is high-tech product which integrates the electrical and mechanical parts, adopts advanced wireless communication technology, converts the data of traditional mechanical meter into electrical signal and stores it by microelectronic control circuit. The meter measuring data can be automatically read via GPRS network or via wireless meter reading devices and then transmit to utility management system.

Minsen LX

Working condition:
Cold(hot)water meter main parameter:

Nominal Diameter DN
Permanent flow (Q3)m3/h Transitional flow(Q2)m3/h Min. flow(Q1)m3/h
15 2.5 Q3/Q1=80、160
20 4.0
25 4.0
25 6.3

Cold, hot water meter dimension:

Nominal Diameter (mm)
Length(L) Width(B) Height(H) Threaded connection
Adapter Nut
15 165mm 90mm 120mm R1/2 G3/4B
20 195mm 90mm 120mm R3/4 G1B
25 225mm 90mm 143mm R1 G11/4B

Product features:

  1. Valve system:
    The generated torque of current valve system is three times larger than the one that valve required, which will ensure smooth valve operation even in bad condition such as fouling, long-time idle and impurity substance.
    1. Valve technical parameter:
      Test condition: pressure P=1.0MPa, flow rate Q=2m3/hour power supply V=3V( 1Pcs 18505 or 1Pcs 14505 or 2Pcs 14505 lithium battery)
    2. Power consumption:
      If valve switch on/off four times monthly, power consumption of ten years=4*12(month)*10(year)*10/3600*0.06=0.08A.h. As it indicated, the power consumption is tiny
  2. Flow characteristic:
    Semi liquid sealed mechanism is adopted and its flow characteristic meets or exceeds the related national standard. Benefiting from the adoption of ball-valve system, the pressure loss is much lower than the meter of other type of valve structure. Its flow characteristic will highly welcome by water supply company.
  3. Signal sampling system:
    Adoption of high-end hall component and alternate mode are equal to bistable state, which will avoid the measuring error resulting from  tremble.