M2M specialist offers HSPA+ LGA module with global compatibility: TELIT INTRODUCES WORLDWIDE SMALLEST 3,75G PENTA-BAND MODULE

Rome, 23 March 2011 – Telit Wireless Solutions, an internationally leading specialist in machine-to-machine (M2M) technology, launches HE910, the worldwide smallest module featuring 5-band HSPA+. The module can thus be used in any 3G network worldwide without the need for regional variants. The Land-Grid-Array (LGA) form factor with a footprint of only 795mm2 is especially suitable for compact devices, e.g. e-readers or PDAs, with data-rich applications like multimedia.

In 3G mode Telit’s HE910 supports all five existing frequency bands: 850/900/1700/1900/2100 MHz. Additionally it provides ubiquitous 2G coverage with quad band GPRS and EDGE class 33. The universal applicability warrants business scalability and is a strong asset for vendors who want to market their solutions worldwide because these features eliminate the need for individual country versions and part numbers of the module, featuring different frequency allocations. On the other hand the HE910 provides a strong benefit for end users whose portable devices require worldwide coverage because regionally differing frequency bands are no longer an issue.

LGA form factor saves space and costs:
The LGA package with a size of 28.2 x 28.2 x 2.6mm provides an ultra low profile in the integrated solution. This saves space and weight, reducing costs in high-volume applications and in portable devices. Besides their compact build, LGA modules are ideal for automated assembly with standard SMT equipment and enhance mechanical shock resistance.

With transfer rates HSDPA of 14.4 Mbps (Cat 10) and HSUPA of 5.7 Mbps (Cat 6), HE910 is particularly well-suited for devices with high throughput applications such as mobile computing, in-car telematics, PDAs, e-readers, tablet PCs, and consumer electronics in general. Future firmware releases offer the possibility to further increase the throughput without having to make changes to the hardware.

The HE910 family features a high speed serial port (MIPI HSI) and Receive Diversity. Optionally, it is equipped with integrated high sensitivity A-GPS functionality for indoor fixes and simultaneous GPS with voice and data.

After its masterpiece GE865-QUAD, the worldwide smallest GSM/GPRS module to date, Telit now also builds the smallest penta band HSPA+ module. Depending on the application, even minimal advantages in size can make a huge difference in terms of usability and cost. Being able to build ultra compact modules underlines Telit’s being at the forefront of technology and design know-how.

Dominikus Hierl, Chief Marketing Officer at Telit Communications PLC says: “Telit combines world class products with outstanding support. We have a policy of investment protection and long term commitment to servicing our customers. Our technical support team will provide full assistance to any client who needs clarification or help in EMC integration as well as complete support in application design review in order to reduce time-to-market.” Besides one-on-one support, Telit offers worldwide expert assistance through its open Technical Support Forum.

In Telit’s open Technical Support Forum clients receive assistance
with their questions from the Telit Technical Support Team at any
time. Furthermore, the open forum acts as an invaluable technical
knowledge database for the entire M2M community.

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