Managing Power Outage and Reliability Issues with OpenWay


Reliability issues represent ongoing challenges for utilities. Customers see these challenges in occasional loss of power
to their home or business. Utility managers and shareholders see these challenges in rising stress on energy delivery systems and in scrutiny by regulators of the consistency and quality of service delivered to ratepayers. Managing outages and power quality has a significant impact on the bottom-line performance of a utility. For example, improving key indicators such as the System Average Interruption Duration Index (SAIDI) can save utilities millions of dollars a year and improve relations with regulators, ratepayers and shareholders alike.

This paper describes the types of reliability issues a utility can encounter; how utilities currently handle these issues; and how a radio-frequency-based (RF) local-area mesh network such as OpenWay by Itron (referred to as the OpenWay RFLAN or simply RFLAN throughout this article) can provide significant benefits in improving response times, reducing restoration time and costs, helping prevent future outages, and optimizing asset management.

You can access the full article here Managing Power Outage and Reliability Issues with OpenWay.