Manufacturing Service


Manufacturing Overview

Production Capacity
The company has 250 sophisticated workers and 5 production lines, which offers the production capacity of 30K units per month.
OWON Technology have a very solid foundation because of production experience for 20 years, which ensure the large scale production advantages, the company had been accessing to the global market since 2000, we have a long-term stable cooperative relations with European and American customers and are familiar with all countries’ product details, import and export authentication, which Shorten communication latency and increase collaboration efficiency.
Human Resource
90% of production line worker are equipped with 5+ years’ experience. Thanks to the humanity-based company culture and employee owned corporate structure, the annual personnel turnover rate is kept at a very low level.
Manufacturing Planning – MRP & ERP & SCM
The company implements Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to streamline the entire manufacturing procedure, so as to minimize unnecessary inventory without sacrificing the on-time delivery of products, thus to deliver the business value in term of cost-effectiveness and timeliness.
Quality System – ISO & TQM
OWON obtained the ISO9000 certification in 2003 and continuously implements company-wide TQM to meet and exceed customers’ expectations towards quality.

Manufacturing Process

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Manufacturing Facilities

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Manufacturing Planning

ERP-Enterprise Resource Planning

In order to manage and coordinate all the enterprise resource and information more effectively, OWON started to construct our tailored ERP system since year 2000.

By embracing the following functional module into the ERP system, the system facilitates the information flow across the entire organization, thus in turn keeps the inner department process running smoothly; improves inter-department cohesiveness; and supports upper level management involvement in the day-to-day business operations.

  • Financial
  • Human Resource
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain Management
  • R&D Project
  • Customer Relationship Management

ERP system not only enables the manufacturing department to operate more effectively by its own, but also allows the senior management to supervise and participate in the manufacturing process in a timelier manner.

MRP-Manufacturing Resources Planning

MRP is a general company management concept for using financial & human resources more productively, which includes

  • Master production schedule (MPS)
  • Bill of materials (BOM)
  • Production resources data
  • Inventories and orders control
  • Purchasing management
  • Material requirements planning (MRP)
  • Capacity planning and etc.

By deploying MRP concept, OWON is able to better control inventories in different phases; improve production scheduling results; facilitate the collaboration with suppliers; and eventually guarantee the on-time delivery of orders in the most cost-effective way.

SCM-Supply Chain Management


  • Integrate internal and external business parties into a unified supply chain by eliminating intermediate barriers;
  • Establish long term strategic alliance with suppliers, distributors, and third-party logistics to deliver better service in satisfying final customer demand;
  • Align overall organizational strategy with supply strategy;
  • Create communication channels for critical information through the supply chain;
  • Categorize and filter suppliers to generate a hierarchy list and apply corresponding strategies.


  • Guarantee sustainable material supply;
  • Achieve Just-in-Time material delivery to minimize inventory cost;
  • Periodic material cost reduction;
  • Rational “making, sourcing or purchasing” decisions;
  • Accurate demand planning and forecasting to streamline the business operation;
  • Utilize the material and technical resource within the supply chain. 

Total Quality Management

The Company obtained the ISO9000 certification in 2003, followed by implementing company-wide TQM.

Full Participation
“Full Participation” is the core of TQM. The full participation includes not only QA management personnel, decision makers, and other staff from functional departments but also suppliers, distributors who involve in the Company’s business operations as a whole. The Company has extended its TQM to cover all personnel in production articulations including supply chain, R&D, distribution and logistics;

Setting up “Customer Orientation” principle and implementing “Customer” concept across every articulation of the enterprise, the Company transforms all downstream departments into “Internal Customers” to enjoy the same quality service, not only the production activities are directed per their demands but also the quality control at each articulation successfully blocks and removes deficiencies from passing through the system;

Process Control
By having “Process Control” at each articulation, the product is free from defects;

Preventive Measures
 “Preventive Measure” advocacy requires the quality control to start from the design stage and to be furthered in the entire process to eliminate all possible factors affecting the quality qualification standards thus increasing the pass rate;

Digital Quality Management
The company has implemented a “Digital Quality Management” system by establishing a quality management database to ensure the quality management process being scientific, accurate so that the quality evaluation is based on pure logical and intuitive analysis of deterministic data and information;

Continuous Improvement
The Company has implemented “Continuous Improvement” quality control mechanism to continuously elevate and improve every production articulation.