Market Strategies announces benchmarking study for utilities


Portland, OR., USA — (METERING.COM) — August 19, 2006 – Market Strategies, Inc., a research and consulting firm, has today announced the publication of its new comparative benchmark study on interactive voice response (IVR) and automated speech recognition (ASR) menus and systems for energy utilties.

The study includes “best-in-class” system attributes and recommendations for enhancements in areas such as welcome greetings, language and business/residential splits, account identification, menu structure and system navigation. It also includes solutions for reducing average call time and system bypass, as well as discussions on call shedding – suggesting that customers use self-service options on the web – and first call resolution or “call containment” best practices.

Market Strategies’ Vice President and IVR-ASR Practice Lead, Mark Camack, said: “The uniqueness of this study is that it benchmarks utilties on how well they achieve a balance between having internally-focused functional efficiency and customer-focused user attributes.”

Camack added: “The large majority of individual attributes rated in this study are based upon objective criteria established by MSI’s system evaluators, who are veterans of call centers and utilties, and as market researchers who have interacted with thousands of callers to multiple industries on this topic”.

And for the first time utility ratings will be compared to MSI’s recently completed IVR benchmarking for banks, credit cards and auto finance companies.