Master Meter Improves Operational Efficiency and Provides Immediate Cost Savings for Georgia’s Haralson County Water Authority


MANSFIELD, TEXAS, 2008 – Master Meter, a designer, developer and manufacturer of advanced metering technology to the utility marketplace announced today the successful installation of over 4,000 AMR meters and registers in Haralson County, Georgia.

With the new Master Meter automated meter reading (AMR) system, one utility worker will now be able to complete the job of reading 4,000 meters in three days.

The previous system took two workers fifteen to eighteen days to complete the job. The new meters are read wirelessly with an antenna placed on top of a utility vehicle that drives by, and
downloads the information to a laptop computer kept inside the vehicle.

This information is then transferred to the billing department for exact water usage readings. According to Jerry Potter, Master Meter President, “the 3G mobile read system eliminates the need
for water utility employees to exit their vehicles to read the meters, making it safer and allowing savings in manpower costs and truck fuel, with these savings eventually paying for the upgrade.”

Haralson County’s water utility crew was able to install the new AMR system in one-third the time originally planned, completing the job in just four weeks instead of twelve.

Using Master Meter’s DIALOG 3G® Interpreter™ universal register to upgrade 3,200 meters already in service saved the county the cost of complete meter replacement and significantly reduced the number of man-hours required for installation. The universal
register allowed for existing meters from three different manufacturers to operate within a single wireless-read network that now includes 800 new meters from Master Meter.

The new registers activate automatically and feature a liquid crystal display (LCD) that provides immediate information on how much water is being used inside the home at any given time and how many gallons of water the homeowner has used since the last reading.

The system flags accounts with continuous or excessive water flow to alert homeowners of undetected leaks. In the first month in Haralson County, the system identified 72 residences with previously undetected leaks. Mr. Potter continues, “This system
empowers water utility companies with information to better service their customers while giving more control to the homeowner with an easy-to-read meter and tools to
impact the growing need for water conservation efforts.”

About Master Meter
Master Meter is a leading AMR technology innovator and principal water meter manufacturer providing water measurement and technology-driven meter data solutions to the North American utility marketplace. Deployment of our award-winning 3G® AMR technology across Water, Gas and Electric utility platforms enable data-rich resource management solutions and information control. Measurement solutions include advanced software
technology derived positive displacement, multi-jet and turbine products that are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations.

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