Electric supply utilities allow their consumers a specific sanctioned load (KW or KVA) within which they are expected to operate. Stiff penalties are imposed on consumers exceeding these limits. Sometimes, the allowed demand limit is changed on a day- to- day or time-to-time basis, as well.

Consumers need to plan their load pattern, in such a way that they optimally utilize the sanctioned load without exceeding the limits.

Secure Meters Limited, with its rich metering experience, brings an innovative solution that allows the electricity users to optimally control their demand. This predictive Maximum Demand Controller (MDC) allows stage wise load restoration to maximize the use of sanctioned load.

The Maxchek offers:

  • Predictive demand control to suitably forewarn and take corrective measure to check maximum demand crossovers.
  • Multilevel priority based automatic load control mechanism for automatic disconnection of low priority load in phased manner.
  • Epitomizes the time of load disconnection.
  • Assistance in online load planning by continuously indicating loads that can be added or needs to be disconnected.
  • A compact, user friendly handheld programmer for field programming.
  • A check meter with built-in energy meter.
  • Accuracy: class 1.0 and 0.5s.
Securemeter Maxchek