Mega Beast


Service Conductor Tester

Unleash the Mega Beast on Service Complaints
Easy as the original Beast of Burden, more powerful than the Super Beast! Now in 20 Amp increments, you can apply an 80 Amp load to detect the most elusive problems on secondary service. The Mega Beast provides fused and circuit breaker safety, too.

New 80 Amp artificial unbalanced load!

  • Indicates problems on secondary service
  • Detects open neutrals quickly, accurately

MegaBeastGreat product. I have four people investigating voltage complaints here at Niagra Mohawk and they all have the Mega Beast. With 80 Amps of load we never have an insufficient amount. It is a very efficient and effective tool for voltage complaints and neutral swings”.
Gary Peacock of Niagra Mohawk, Glen Falls, New York