Mesh network AMR assists multi-tenant facility managers


Emon logoLanghorne, PA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — November 23, 2006 – E-Mon, manufacturer of E-Mon D-Mon electronic submetering products and systems, has announced the addition of a wireless mesh communication system for automatic meter reading. The wireless AMR system is a unique mesh communication network that allows single-phase multi-tenant facility managers to monitor and bill for actual energy usage and evaluate energy consumption from submeters without costly wiring or communication cabling.

Building owners and managers obtain interval energy data from E-Mon D-Mon Class 4100 meters and associated E-Mon software. Class 4100 meters are equipped with self-configuring, peer-to-peer, multi-hopping wireless transceivers that intelligently route energy data between meters and the central data storage unit (Wireless Gateway) in the most efficient manner. The Wireless Gateway, located inside the metered building, stores the interval energy data until downloaded via Ethernet or Internet using E-Mon’s wireless meter reading software.

Mesh networking technology provides wireless meter-to-meter and meter-to-gateway communication, eliminating the need for additional transmitting devices and costly communication cabling. Additionally, the system will automatically configure each component to function with the network, minimizing set-up and reducing maintenance requirements.

E-Mon’s wireless software and metering system provides users with the tools and features they need to monitor individual single-phase loads, generate utility bills for tenants or departments based on actual energy usage, and create load profiles and charts of energy usage data.