Meter Calibrators – Accuchek-1


Accuchek-1 is a truly portable testing equipment for single phase meters. Accuchek-1 is easy to use, requires no interruption of customer service connections and does automatic error computations.

The Accuchek-1 offers:

  • High initial and sustained accuracy: 0.2s with Ring CT and 0.5s with Clamp on CT.
  • Current range up to 10 Amp. With Ring CT and 60 Amp. With Clamp on CT.
  • Automatic Error computation.
  • Miniature clamp on CT, for in-situ meter testing without service interruptions.
  • Automatic detection and warning in case of wrong connections or missing currents.
  • Added Safety with injection type clips for voltage connection.
  • Storage and display of 200 test results along with system parameters.
  • Data offloading facility to base computer software
  • User friendly alpha-numeric keypad for date entry.
secure meters accu-1