Meter Calibrators – Accuchek+

Accuchek+ offers a host of benefits to solve the growing problems of on-site testing of three phase energy meters. Improved productivity, elimination of human errors and protection of revenues by quick and efficient site testing are Accuchek+ forte.

The Accuchek+ offers:

  • On site testing of meter without disconnecting the load.
  • A wide range of voltage and current inputs.
  • Maximum current up to 6A in direct mode and 500A in clamp on mode.
  • High accuracy (0.2% in direct mode/0.5% in clamp on mode) for kWh, kVArh and kVAh.
  • Automatic error display.
  • Storage of 200 test result along with system parameters.
  • Data transfer for complete analysis.
  • Added safety with injection type clips for voltage connection.
  • Relay output for dosage testing.