Meter Madness at world water event!


Meter Madness is a fast-paced competition run by the American Water Works Association (AWWA) in which competitors race against the clock to assemble a 5/8” residential water meter contained in a bucket of parts.

Contestants are judged upon their assembly time, accuracy and any sign of meter leakage.  Penalties are assessed for:

  • Leaking connection, barely oozing water and just discernible to the judges
  • Slow, obviously dripping connection
  • Squirting, continuous leaking connection
  • Safety violation
  • Meter not properly put together and a part too loose or falls off,or
  • Meter fails to register flow when tested.

The next competition will be during the AWWA’s Annual Conference and Exposition in Toronto, Canada from June 24-28, 2007.

The rules and more specific information are posted on the Meter Madness website at

What type of meter is commonly used for the contest?
The contest meters are standard production 5/8” residential water meters. The specified yearly contest meter and the one used for extra parts may be either positive displacement or multi-jet type meters. They are selected in advance by participating sponsors and the AWWA Meter Madness Subcommittee. Information on the specific meters used for each contest are posted on the Meter Madness website to enable competitors to practice on the same meter in advance. One complimentary meter is available from the sponsoring manufacturer through the website for any competitor who wishes to prepare for the event.

Who is eligible to compete in the national Meter Madness Contest?
At the national level of the contest during the AWWA Conference and Exposition, each Section is allowed one representative, with two exceptions: 1) The Section with the reigning national champion may enter two competitors; and 2) The host utility for the national contest may also provide an entrant.

How can a Section get involved in Meter Madness?

Each Section can be represented by one contestant in the national competition. How that representative is determined is up to the individual Section. Some Sections hold regional contests and then have the regional winners compete against each other to select a Section Champion. Others have a single Section-wide competition.

Where can more information be obtained?
If you cannot find an answer to your question through the Meter Madness website, contact Lois Sherry or 303-347-6284.