Meter Test Bench


Meters can be treated as cash registers for utilities. Over these years, more and more utilities are opting for systems that would ensure that these cash registers are accurate enough to faithfully report the value of the services used by the consumers. Also, the wide base of both electronic and electromechanical meters need to comply to a number of standards. Periodical laboratory testing of these meters is therefore essential before and after their installation.

Secure Meters Limited presents a meter testing system that has been designed and developed keeping the above needs in mind. The SML meter testing system comes with high throughput and versatility to test a variety of meters. The well known SML quality and the backing of competence and experience in the field of metering has helped us develop a meter testing system that ideally suits laboratory meter testing requirements.

The Meter Test Bench offers:

  • Batch testing for high throughput.
  • Transformer based current/voltage source.
  • Reference meter of accuracy classes 0.1, 0.2 and 0.5.
  • Common scanner for both electromechanical and static meters.
  • Quick connection for current circuit.
  • User friendly software for adjustment and control of Reference Standard Meter.
  • Statistical analysis of test results.
  • Built-in protection against earth leakage and overload.
  • Single touch selection for customized test conditions
securemeter test bench
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