Metering, Billing/CRM Latin America: deadline extended for submission of abstracts


The deadline for submission of abstracts for the sixth annual Metering, Billing/CRM Latin America has been extended to April 30, 2008.The event will be taking place from August 11-13, 2008 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The event will be held in Portuguese and Spanish this year.

Brazil’s energy sector remains a key market both within the region and globally, and its rapid growth over the past few years is expected to continue into the foreseeable future. Metering, billing and the customer relationship will be crucial in managing this growth to ensure utility and market sustainability.

The Metering, Billing/CRM Latin America conference will capture the stories behind the increasing complexities involved in the customer-end technology sector. The 2008 event will review the challenges of “modernity” in utilities, such as how utilities should modernize and should this process be accelerated; integration within utilities and what it brings for their activities, for example in areas such as cost and loss reductions, and how to include customers; and metering for the efficient use of energy, which is now becoming an issue of concern.

If you would like to participate as a speaker to share your experiences of a recent or on-going project or initiative, please SEND YOUR ABSTRACT NOW!

The provisional list of conference topic streams includes:

  1. Regulation
  2. Finance
  3. Investment
  4. Tariffs
  5. Standards
  6. Meter test and calibration
  7. Metering technologies
  8. AMR
  9. Advanced metering
  10. Smart grids
  11. Revenue protection
  12. Billing
  13. Data mining
  14. Customer relationship management

If there are any additional topics that would add value as workshops or seminars or any other suggestions regarding the program development or the speaker line-up, comments are welcome.

For more information, please contact Emmanuelle Nicholls:, phone +27 21 700 3500, fax +27 21 700 3501 or visit the website: