Metering equipment and system solutions to combat energy losses in Mexico and Colombia


Contagem, Brazil — (METERING.COM) — April 1, 2010 – Contracts to provide over 100,000 metering installations to Mexico and Colombia have been secured by Brazilian metering company Nansen Instrumentos de Precisão S/A in partnership with Aclara.

The advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) will be provided to the Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE) in Mexico and to Emcali in Colombia, based on two newly designed products aimed at combating fraud and energy losses. The new equipment includes the Nansen SIM (Intelligent Metering System) in conjunction with a solid state, single phase meter installed with Aclara’s power line communications (PLC) based communication interface.

The Nansen SIM consists of centralized electrical energy metering equipment containing single phase metering modules, fully assembled in a weather-tight cabinet ready for indoor use or outdoor installations on a lighting pole.

One of the great benefits of this new product is efficiency, according to Ricardo Zimmer, Nansen’s engineering director.

“Utilities can improve their energy management capability because the bi-directional communications capability provided by the SIM and PLC technology allows utilities to perform remote meter readings, manage energy consumption, detect frauds, and compute system energy balance,” said Zimmer.

The Nansen SIM also offers the ability to measure several consumers at the same time, thus reducing the overall costs of metering installations and making a utility’s work easy in areas with a great concentration of consumers.

Another product being supplied is a new single phase, solid state electric meter equipped with PLC capability. It is designed to keep pace with the new technology demands of the electrical metering market.

During evaluations performed by Mexican and Colombian utilities, Nansen and Aclara technologies and solutions were the only proposal that met all technical requirements. CFE utility currently supplies 34 million consumers, being one of the largest public utilities in the world.

The contract with CFE covers the supply of 90,000 metering points. For Emcali, 4,700 Nansen SIM metering modules and 9,500 single phase meters with PLC capability will be supplied.