Smart Energy International América Latina Excellence Awards for UNESP and Eletrobrás CEAL, Light, Sabesp and Siemens


São Paulo, Brazil — (METERING.COM) — September 3, 2012 – Smart Energy International’s Excellence Awards for Latin America for 2012 have been made to UNESP and Eletrobrás CEAL, the utility Light, and Sabesp and Siemens, along with a special award for best technical presentation to UNESP’s Professor Carlos Alberto Canesin.

The Ilha Solteira campus of the Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP) and Eletrobrás CEAL are the joint winners in the Metering category, for their project on errors in reactive energy measurement with electronic meters. A practical experimentation for comparing reactive/non active energy measures was developed, providing separately voltage and current generation with waveforms up to the 51st harmonic component on a 60 Hz system. Among the results, testing of five commercial electronic meters for reactive energy measurements found them to less accurate than IEEE 1459 (or WT3000) and inconsistent in some cases. This suggests that the criteria for such tests are inconsistent and there is a need for high level discussions to establish a suitable methodology for reactive electric energy measurement.

Light is the winner in the Smart Grid category for its project to automate underground transformer chambers. Parameters selected for monitoring include shield network status, temperature, ventilation operation, water level, human presence, and presence of explosive gases and has involved the installation of a monitoring system, an RF mesh communications network and operations center from where the project is managed. Of Light’s more than 4,000 underground transformer chambers across Rio de Janeiro, almost 1,200 have been automated to date and the project is continuing with more than 500 due to be completed and another 500 to be contracted by the end of 2012.

Sabesp and Siemens are the winners in the Water Metering category, for their project to upgrade and support a new water supply control system. The 18-month project involved the installation of a next generation SCADA to monitor and control Sabesp’s entire water system, which supplies almost 20 million people via 1,270 km of water mains. This includes monitoring of water levels, pressure and flow, and control of pumps, valves and storage tanks. Operational data being gathered will allow continuous optimization of processes, while other benefits include improved integration with field staff.

For the first time a prize was awarded for the best technical presentation, with the winner being Carlos Alberto Canesin, professor in the Power Electronics Laboratory of the Department of Electrical Engineering of UNESP, for his report on the electronic meter reactive energy measurement project.

The Awards were judged by a panel of regional industry experts, and presented at the end of the first day of the Metering, Billing/CRM Latin America 2012 conference and exhibition in São Paulo, Brazil August 21-23.