Smart Energy International Edition 2, 2011


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MI 2 2011 cover


AMI & Smart Metering

Smart water systems
By Alex Money, Tim Foster and Rob Hope

Smart metering in Great Britain
By Charles Hendry

Cloud computing – a ‘smart’ choice for European utilities
By Richard Alden

Business / Financial / Regulatory

Smart water metering on the move

AUW Smart Energy International Excellence Award: world-leading prepayment systems put Itron at forefront of energy use in Africa

Smart grid, meet social networking
By Herbert A Samuel

Energy Management & DR

Homes across five European cities get pioneering energy management tools
By Martine Tommis and Pukul Rana

Meter Data

Trends in meter data management
By Max Gladstone

Revenue Protection

Leakage reduction in a district metered area at Halifax Water
By Graham MacDonald and Carl Yates

Last Word

Peer Energy Cloud: ‘When washing machines talk to power stations’
By Holger Kirchner