Smart Energy International Edition 3, 2008

Current Affairs

Association News

  • EVO
  • DLMS
  • Smart Energy Alliance


  • If some is good … then more must be better

World View

  • Indian electricity metering
  • Smart steps to low carbon age in UK
  • Russia the last reform

Cover Story

  • Implementing AMI – who to favour?


  • Trends and developments in water metering
  • Saragossa – water saving city
  • Scope of water metering systems
  • Future of smart metering in Australia
  • Aiming for innovation
  • Victorian smart meter rollout
  • Experience of implmenting AMM
  • Utilisation of AMR technologies in China
  • Why Latin America is turning to AMI
  • Iberdrola strategy on AMM
  • Smart metering in Ontario
  • Shifting and managing load with smart grid
  • Xcel Energy announces intent
  • Integrating PHEVs into grid
  • Understanding the microgrid
  • Building the African smart grid
  • Home comfort, convenience and energy conservation
  • Home energy management network
  • Emissions technologies
  • Energy efficiency is worth it
  • Advanced metering requirements
  • Latching relay for three phase meters
  • First World Meter Design Congress
  • Combining event logging
  • AMI investment decision
  • In-service testing of meters in UK
  • Meter testing – a simple term
  • Get smart! Plan ahead for smart meter rollout
  • Changing cash flow paradigm in emerging markets
  • US residential PV metering
  • Outsourcing helps achieve efficiencies
  • From utility billing to multiservice charging