Smart Energy International Issue 1: 2004

MI Issue 1: 2004 front cover

Current Affairs

  • Viterra Energy Services wins US contracts
  • Prepayment Innovation Award
  • IEC Appointments
  • AMR meter reading contract signed
  • Common meter driver system released
  • Utilipoint expands market offering
  • New sales office for DAP
  • Indian states tackle energy theft
  • Alliance leads to joint product development project
  • Customers read their own bills
  • Latching relay for AMR Load Management
  • Asia powerline web device for China
  • Route Control System installed


  • Oh Say Can You See ? – Spotting the latest cutting edge utility technologies

Association News

  • E-Billing Comes of Age
  • People Steal Meters – AMR is simply a theftometer!
  • DLMS User Association – New books approaching


  • Redefining AMR – from meter reading to customer communication network
  • Enel Telegestore project is on track
  • Beyond AMR: technology that enables a dynamic customer relationship
  • Thorough planning beforehand ensures AMR project success
  • What is holding back residential implementation of automated meters?
  • Automating gas and water meters simultaneously
  • Customers in Hawaii offered net metering
  • California initiative may mandate advanced metering
  • Prepayment – the Curaçao experience
  • First prepayment system in Mexico City
  • Advanced communications: the number one reason to install new meters
  • Designing a 20-year AMR device

MI Connect

  • Vending at the heart of prepayment management
  • CIS system offers total solution
  • Recurring payments – a powerful customer service solution
  • Myths and margins

Editorial includes the Current Affairs section, containing information on new products, new projects and new appointments; association news; articles and case studies on meter components, meter testing and calibration, smart metering, billing and customer management.