Smart Energy International magazine wants to hear about your AMI, MDM, smart metering and CIS ideas and experiences…


Smart Energy International is issuing an industry-wide call for papers for the 9th annual Metering, Billing/CIS America 2008, which will take place in San Diego, CA, U.S.A., from April 19-23, 2008.

If you have ideas, experiences, products or strategies for the utility customer-end technology sector, i.e. metering, billing, CRM/CIS and associated technologies such as smart grids, outage management, workforce enablement, etc., then this is your chance to tell the world!

The community includes users (electric, water and gas utilities), suppliers of products (metering, billing and CIS manufacturers and vendors), designers, installation contractors and consultants at this 9th annual forum on all topics related to next-generation smart metering, AMI, MDM, billing and CIS utility technologies and best practices.

We invite all those interested in

  • Presenting a paper
  • Teaching a course
  • Participating in a think-tank/panel discussion
  • Becoming a participating association or media partner
  • Sponsoring/exhibiting at the conference

to submit your proposals now.

Please see below for all information pertaining to the submission of abstracts/teaching courses etc. Diarize the dates, allocate the budget and make certain that you are in San Diego in April 2008!

Should you require any additional information please do not hesitate to contact Julia Former at phone: 888 559 8017 (USA) / +27 21 700 3524 (international), or via email:

General information
Presenting a paper:  Presenters are asked to submit an extended abstract (400 to 800 words) by September 20, 2007 via email. The abstracts will then be reviewed by a Reviewing Committee and presenters will be informed regarding acceptance on or before October 31, 2007.

If your abstract is accepted, you will be asked to submit your full paper and your presentation slides according to a format that will be sent to you. Accepted abstracts, papers and presentations will be published in the proceedings.

Presentations can take two standard formats:
Regular presentation: Spaced 30 minutes apart on the schedule, with approximately 25 minutes spent on the presentation and 5 minutes for questions. Most presentations will be in this format.
Panel discussion: These last for one hour, with approximately 40 minutes spent on introducing the panelists and presentation of their views, and 20 minutes of questions and discussion. Panelists should be experts in the specialized field to be discussed, which should be relevant to conference attendees. If you would like to organize and lead a panel discussion, then please submit an abstract containing the agenda, and listing your panelists as co-authors.

Paper topics: The following is a list of suggested topics for your papers. This is just to get you thinking  you are welcome to come up with a topic that has not been listed.

Metering America:

  1. Strategies and technologies for smart metering, advanced metering
  2. North American updates: Regulatory and case studies
  3. International updates: Regulatory and case studies
  4. AMI
  5. Communications technologies
  6. The customer: AMI and the customer
  7. Revenue protection, including strategy, energy theft, how to address losses through metering strategies
  8. Designing new systems

Billing/CIS America:

  1. Billing and payment solutions, CRM
  2. Leveraging the CIS in an AMI world
  3. Customer relationship management
  4. Energy marketing / utilities’ IT systems
  5. Meter to cash

MDM America:

  1. MDM and the customer
  2. Data repositories and how to manage them
  3. Data: Analytics
  4. MDM and CIS
  5. Data mining

Pre-conference seminars:

  1. Energy management and energy efficiency
  2. Home Area Networks

Submission guidelines: When making a submission, please ensure that:

  • Abstracts are written in English
  • Abstracts for Metering Mexico may be submitted in Spanish
  • Abstracts do not exceed one letter-size page
  • Each abstract contains full contact details of the speaker
  • The session for which the abstract is being submitted is indicated
  • The abstract has not been presented before
  • The abstract and presentation is of a non-commercial nature; sales pitches will not be accepted.

As the author you commit yourself to presenting the paper at the event should the abstract be selected by the Reviewing Committee. Speakers are responsible for their own travel and accommodation arrangements and expenses.

Teaching a course: Instructors are asked to submit a course outline by September 20, 2007. The outlines will be reviewed by a Reviewing Committee and instructors informed about acceptance on or before October 31, 2007.

Accepted course outlines will be published as course descriptions in the program. They should therefore be directed at those who might register for the course, rather than the reviewers.

Courses are a half-day in length. If you feel your course requires a full day, it will be divided into parts I and II, each lasting half a day.

We are interested in proposals for both beginner courses and advanced courses, to meet the diverse needs of all conference attendees.

Here is a list of topics of potential interest for courses. Feel free to either volunteer for one of these or propose your own topic.

  • Advanced metering (such as AMR)
  • Billing
  • Asset management
  • Revenue protection/assurance
  • Advanced metering for the water industry
  • Customer management technologies and techniques

Sponsoring/exhibiting opportunities: Companies wishing to exhibit products or services of interest to the Metering, Billing/CIS America target audience are asked to submit information describing the company and its offerings, for publishing in the program guide. You will also need to register for the exhibition booth package. Contact Gerald Schreiner for additional information:

Companies wishing to be recognized as utility customer management technology leaders are encouraged to sponsor Metering, Billing/CIS America 2008. If you are interested, contact Gerald Schreiner for additional information:

Participating association/media partner opportunities:
A number of leading international and national media and associations will be supporting the event. Should you wish to be involved in the event please contact Jimina Schmidt:
Phone: +27 21 700 3500 (international) / 888 559 8017 (USA)
Fax: +27 21 700 3501 (international) / 413 487 6279 (USA)