MinSen Co. Ltd has currently implemented the reconstruction of IC remote card meters in the dorm of Kunshan Water Supply Corporation. The reconstruction adopts the wireless remote transmitter of MSW-1 IC card meter as the pilot tool and has achieved great success.

Kunshan is one of the earliest counties to implement IC card reconstruction. The problem with card meters itself and poor management has existed for years which really bothered Kunshan Water Supply Corporation. The IC card installation project for 180,000 households went into paralysis and the data of used amount was immeasurable. Fortunately, MinSen bravely innovates and makes an excellent combination of IC card meter and wireless transmitter embedded with wireless remote module, making meter reading easy to operate and manage.

It is reported that the success rate of reading and accuracy of data in the pilot project reaches 100% perfect. And personnel of Kunshan Water Supply Corporation are pretty satisfied with the additional service provided by the WAMR net system. Relevant departments indicate that if the WAMR net system and the transmitter operate well during piloting time, we’ll put into practice greater reconstruction of the project.