Minsen gas meter Wamr GNet system for wireless reading and prepaid solution


Recently wireless meter reading market witnesses rapid growth as part of M2M utility sector. Minsen Meter Co., Ltd is the professional wireless water/gas/heat meter solution provider in this market. It developed its own wireless micro-power ad hoc technology basing on simplified Zigbee protocol and solve the “last-mile” problem-entering the house to read the meter. Minsen’s Wamr GNet system is ideally suitable for wireless gas meter reading and prepayment management.

Wamr Gnet supports both wireless gas meter reading and prepayment. It combines GPRS/CDMA and MIS system to solve the problem of meter reading. Each gas meter with Wamr GNet wireless communication technology can meet different kinds of meter reading requirements. Wamr GNet ad hoc technology can automatically form the network and read the meter in batches. Concentrator will initiate to form the network; firstly gas meter data will be wirelessly transmitted to collector directly or via router; secondly collector will transmit the data to concentrator; finally concentrator will transmit the data to server by GPRS/CDMA. Concentrator can request the meter reading, the request command will be broadcast to each gas meter and then read the meter data wirelessly.

The meter reading rate of Wamr Gnet system can reach 100% and can meet customers’ diversified requirements. Wamr Gnet system can be remotely maintained and updated. The wireless meter reading network won’t need any additional mobile or fixed telecommunication device. The static current of gas meter is less than 30uA and the power is supplied by two ways of direct current. One way is by replaceable four pieces of No. five alkaline battery; the other way is by fixed and not rechargeable lithium battery. The system has the functions of data measurement, remote communication, valve control, power management, low sleep current alarm, user information query per keyboard, prepayment, ladder price, daily consumption data storage, monthly billing and so on. It can support the sensor such as double reed switch, double or triple hall component, photoelectric direct reading.

Minsen Wamr GNet system is your best choice for wireless gas meter reading and prepaid gas meter solutions.


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