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Minsen Meter Co., Ltd is the professional manufacturer of wireless water meter, wireless gas meter and wireless electricity meter. It is dedicated to R&D, manufacture and sales for wireless smart meter and utilities management software. Its factory is certified with ISO 9001 and covers as large as 33,000 square meters with annual capacity of 2 million pieces of meter.

Minsen has a strong engineering team with around fifty engineers who have developed its own wireless meter reading technology with many patents. The engineer team is capable of integrating different type of protocol such as Mbus and DLMS into the meter at customers’ demand.

Minsen wireless smart water meter has different diameters: 15mm, 20mm, 25mm and those more than 40mm; All the wireless water meters are CE certified and some of the types are MID certified. For 15mm, 20mm, 25mm diameter, each meter has one low-power RF module inside, the RF module will count the pulse, convert into digital reading and transmit to collector wirelessly, then collector transmit to concentrator also by RF, finally concentrator transmit the data into utility management software in the server by GPRS; Wireless smart gas meter also follow the same communication method. For big diameter wireless smart water meter, it can directly transmit the data into utility management software by GPRS because each meter has one GSM/CDMA module inside. All the wireless water meter and wireless gas meter has valve inside which can be remotely switched on or off, this will significantly benefit the control of water or gas consumption.

Minsen GSM1

The wireless smart water/gas meter is powered by battery, owing to the simple and practical structure of meter, the battery can be replaced conveniently. With the battery replacement, meter lifetime can be extended to customer desired time. The wireless transmission technology in meter can realize the out-door meter reading, which reduce both the system installation cost and meter reading cost.  

Minsen electricity meter covers both single phase and three phases. Each electricity also has one RF module inside which support self-formed, self-routing, and self-repairing mesh network; Concentrator has one RF module as master node of mesh network, it will establish, manage and maintain the mesh network; Each electricity meter work as slave node, it will automatically search network and transmit data to other slave nodes after participating the network that concentrator established. The meter data is sent to concentrator by RF module through the mesh network and then concentrator transmit all the meter data into utility management software by GPRS.

Minsen GSM2

Besides the wireless reading via utility management software, the water/gas/electricity meter can also be read by handheld unit. Someone can take the handheld unit and pass by the building with meter installed, all the meter data will be read wirelessly by handheld unit. Later the meter data in handheld unit can be downloaded to computer per USB cable and can be integrated into utility management software or be exported to the format of Excel sheet.

The utility management has many application modules such as user management, meter reading management, engineering management, statistical statement and billing.  Customer can customize the modules according to their demand. The real-time meter reading can realize different price in different time. The friendly user interface makes it easy to use for customers.

Benefiting from the performance and reliability, Minsen products are widely deployed in the world such as Turkey, Albania, Spain, Brazil, United States, New Zealand. Minsen can provide meter with its own brand or customers’ brand at customers’ option.

If you are interested in wireless meter and utility management software, please feel free to contact Minsen per below contact windows:

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