Mobile App




  • SmartOWONTM mobile app is a simple and easy-to-use way to manage your home energy usage and control your home automation devices from anywhere at any time by logging your mobile devices either to the OWON gateway or compatible cloud servers.
  • Available for both Android-based devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc. and iOS-based devices such as iPhone, iPad, etc.

Owon mobile 1
Owon mobile 2

Main Features

Home Energy Management Home Automation Control
  • Real-time energy usage tracking
  • Time-of-Use information display
  • Energy usage alerts and prompts
  • Energy usage & budget forecasting
  • History data display and exporting
  • Lighting control
  • Smart plug measurement and control
  • Home security
  • Alarm sensors
  • Visual doorbell
  • IP camera
Smart Thermostat Control Message Display
  • Temperature remote control
  • Support 7-day programming
  • Multiple HOLD options
  • Heating & Cooling indicator
  • Demand response messages from utility
  • Energy saving messages from cloud server
  • System log messages from gateway