Natural Gas Meter Reading Handbook


Researched by: Virgil Johnson, USA
Date published: 2007
Format: Hard copy
Pages: 64 pages
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$149.99 + $10.00 shipping outside the USA

This handbook is intended to provide a training guide for meter readers and billing personnel with meter reading instructions and digital photos of meters, and should be utilized by gas managers, meter technicians, meter supervisors, billing supervisors, meter coordinators and any personnel responsible for the correct billing of gas utility customers.

The book includes information on reviewing accounts as well as examples of possible errors that can be caused by the various problems associated with reading gas meters. Also included is information on automatic meter reading and tips on inspections of meters after an AMR system has been installed for a period of time.

The colour printed handbook, which stresses safety in meter reading, also includes a CD Rom which can be viewed on computer or projector.

About the author
With 30 years of generation, meter technology and mentoring experience, Mr. Johnson has developed a productive method for reading meters which emphasizes safety precautions. He makes recommendations after reviewing the usage history of generation, industrial, commercial and residential meter readings for meter replacement or possible misread meters.